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Üretimde Nesne veya üründeki kusurları(kalite kontrol), yapay zeka ile tespit eden görsel

Quality and Defect Control

Dataguess Inspector

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Identify defects and errors in an object or product with the Dataguess Inspector, equipped with deep learning and computer vision technologies.

Computer Vision ile fabrikada endüstriyel yapay zeka kullanarak, ürün sayma sınıflandırma yapan ürün görseli

Object-Oriented Artificial Intelligence

Dataguess Counter

Counting and Classification

Counting and classifying are among the functions of computer vision technologies. With its counting and classification functions, Dataguess Counter can make complex decisions accurately, quickly, and consistently.

Endüstriyel Yapay zeka ile iş sağılığı güvenliği çözümlerini gösteren görsel

PPE and Safety

Dataguess Guard

Occupational Health and Safety 

Dataguess Guard notifies employees and managers of the hazardous site environment and ensures that the necessary precautions are taken at the right time.

Computer vision çözümü ile endüstriyel yapay zeka kullanarak insan sayımı yapan, yoğunluk haritası oluşturan ürün görseli

Human Oriented Artificial Intelligence

Dataguess Observer

People Counting and Density Mapping

Conduct a people count with Dataguess Observer and create density mapping in high-traffic areas. Detect unusual behavior, such as vandalism.

Computer Vision ile Fabrikada Yapay zeka kullanarak  Marker okuma ve takibi yapan görsel

Marker-Oriented Artificial Intelligence

Dataguess Tracer

Product Trolley and Forklift Tracking

By affixing markers to your product trolleys, you will be able to monitor your trolleys and products in real time, eliminating the need to manually locate each product.



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