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Do You Need a Safer and More Organized Work Environment?

Dataguess Guard

Dataguess Guard informs employees and managers about the potentially hazardous environment at the site and ensures that the appropriate safety measures are taken at the appropriate time.

It identifies environmental risks (such as unidentified objects, improperly positioned equipment, forklifts, cranes, construction machinery, hazardous locations, etc.) or safety violations at the right time and benefits workers and manufacturers by enabling them to avoid future shortcomings.

By communicating with OHS solutions, send notifications and warnings to staff or departments via Dataguess Guard and take immediate action when predetermined rules are violated. Prevent unauthorized access, and stop machines and processes when necessary.

CV Studio makes it simple to train, deploy, and use artificial intelligence. Take use of the benefits provided by Dataguess Guard.

What Can You Do with Dataguess Guard?

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Occupational Health and Safety

features developed by Dataguess

Personal Protective Equipment Control (PPE)

In order to reduce the number of incidents that occur in the workplace, one of the most essential components is to make certain that workers are using their personal protective equipment (PPE) in the appropriate manner.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) control is another area in which computer vision technology has shown to be an extremely efficient solution. Dataguess Guard makes it possible to monitor personal protective equipment (PPE) usage in a precise and efficient manner.


Dataguess Guard detects multiple types of protective equipment, including helmets, vests, eye protection, masks, headphones, and gloves, and sends instant messages and alerts when these items are not worn.

Computer Vision ile kişisel koruyucu ekipman kontrolü görseli

Area and Walkway Control

Many factories are using computer vision technologies to automate and optimize production processes. One use of these technologies is to track the walking paths of factory workers.


A video system or many camera systems are placed in order to monitor walkways in different regions of the factory for the purpose of such applications. Dataguess Guard performs an analysis on images that are captured by the cameras. Whenever it identifies a potentially hazardous circumstance on the walkway, it sends out alerts. Dataguess Guard has the capability to send information to a central control system regarding the locations of employees and walkways.


This application is preferred to improve factory worker safety. It is used to prevent factory workers from entering dangerous or restricted areas, as well as to optimize logistics and production processes.

Computer Vision ile üretimde yürüme yolu ve çalışan konum kontrolü görseli

Forklift and Safe Area Control

Forklifts are large pieces of equipment that are used to transport and store materials. They are large and dangerous machines that frequently cause workplace accidents. However, computer vision technology has the potential to mitigate these risks.


In order for trucks to operate in safe areas, information about the truck's position and movement must first be collected. Cameras are installed on trucks or in work areas for this purpose. These cameras continuously monitor the truck's surroundings and estimate its position and movement.


The computer vision algorithms in Dataguess Guard process and analyze camera images. As the forklift moves, Dataguess Guard detects obstacles, people, and other objects in the surrounding area. When an obstacle is detected in the vicinity of the forklift, the driver receives warnings and notifications.

Computer vision ile İsg çözümleri görseli

Use Your Existing Cameras and Hardware.

Utilize the security cameras and hardware you already have in your business.

Compatible with USB, IP, and GigE cameras.

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