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Dataguess Project Studio

Üretimde yapay zeka çözümlerimiz olan ürünlerimizin, entegrasyon görseli

Use drag-and-drop components to easily design your projects without having to write code. Construct custom data flows and gather information from even the most intricate systems. Use AI engines to run the models you have generated.

Create Data Flows

Reach out to all communication devices to receive, send, or store data.

Seamless Integration

​Provide easy and seamless integration of your IT systems. Dataguess Project Studio is compatible with all IT systems.

Drag and Drop

Project Studio is a data flow management platform that you can easily use with drag and drop mechanics.

Script Editor

Develop Low-Code projects with Dataguess Project Studio's Script Editor. Define customised rules.

Collect Data from Anywhere

​Collect data from all devices that can generate data.

Edge AI and Computer Vision

Develop your Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision projects easily, Deploy them to any Edge computer you want.


Dataguess CV Studio

Computer Vision çözümümüz Yapay zeka ile kalile kontrol ürünümüzün Model eğitim görseli

CV Studio is a versatile Computer Vision platform that enables organizations to use AI for control and tracking. You may easily run AI models based on your needs.

Creating a CV Model

Create an Artificial Intelligence model in seconds using Computer Vision algorithms.

CV Model Training

With a single click, train the model you've created using the dataset.

Autonomous Preprocessing

CV Studio automatically performs data preprocessing and optimization.

Test and Deployment

Test your AI model with uploaded video or camera footage, then easily publish it to your Edge device.

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