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If the Human Eye Sees, it sees too.
Even More and Faster.

Dataguess Inspector is a computer vision solution for autonomizing your quality control processes in manufacturing.


It easily performs operations such as error detection, error classification and absence detection.


Dataguess Inspector is equipped with advanced deep learning algorithms and algorithms that automatically perform the data flow process.


Easily train, deploy, and start using your AI model with CV Studio. Take advantage of the benefits provided by Dataguess Inspector.

Yapay Zeka ile Kalite Kontrol

What Can You Do with Dataguess Inspector?

Check out the computer vision solutions developed and actively used by Dataguess and users




We've taken care of every detail.

It is a solution package that includes all of the necessary software and hardware for a computer vision system.

Industrial Edge AI PC

These PCs are ready-to-use computers with predetermined and tested hardware features based on the license package you select. They are resistant to the conditions of an industrial environment (IEC compliant).

Yapay zeka ile kalite kontrol donanım görseli

Industrial AI Camera

Designed to be used by anyone, anywhere. Computer Vision's Swiss Army Knife.

Computer vision, Yapay zeka ile kalite kontrol kamerası görseli

Dataguess CV Studio

It is a no-code AI/CV platform that includes all the features you will need in computer vision applications (dataset creation, training, testing, and deployment).

Yapay Zeka ile Kalite kontrol yapan ürünümüzün görseli

Dataguess Inspector License

This is a license for the software that runs the AI model that you train on the Edge AI PC.

Yapay Zeka ile Kalite kontrol Çözüm ürünümüzün lisans görüntüsü
Yapay Zeka ile Kalite kontrol Çözüm ürünlerimizin donanım görseli

Quality Control in Manufacturing with Defect Detection

Implementing quality control with computer vision applications provides faster and more accurate results than conventional methods. This technology facilitates a more effective quality control procedure and aids in the early detection of manufacturing process flaws. Furthermore, computer vision-based quality control procedures can enhance manufacturing quality by identifying mistakes that humans might overlook.

Computer vision, Yapay zeka ile Yüzey Etiket Kontrolü görseli

Defect Detection & Surface Quality Control

With computer vision technologies, surface quality control is performed using image processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques, providing fast, accurate, and sustainable results. In this way, it increases efficiency in the production process and helps to detect defective products early.

Computer vision, Yapay zeka ile Yüzey Kalite Kontrolü  görseli

Defect - Error Classification 
and Counting

Classification with computer vision is the process of automatically classifying identified defects into different categories. For instance, painting flaws, fractures, and deformations are examples of defects in a product manufactured on a production line. This procedure guarantees that identified defects are properly categorized and counted.

Computer vision, Yapay Zeka ile Kusur Tespiti görseli

Main Features

You can upload, label, and classify any image using the labeling interface. You can also update datasets at any time.

Build Your Datasets, Create Your Computer Vision Library



You do not need to know coding

Dataguess Inspector is a product that does not require coding, does not necessitate long software training processes, and can be used by anyone, whether they are software developers or not.

Kalite Kontrol Yapay Zeka Eğitimi modülleri çizelgesi görseli

You can easily train a product or object without the need for external assistance, and when you make an update, you can retrain your AI model and keep using it.

Train as many objects as you need or update existing ones

Yapay Zeka IT entegre sistem modülü görseli

Dataguess Inspector supports standard communication protocols. This makes it easy to integrate it into your own IT systems.

Integrate into your IT Systems

  • Yes, you can run multiple models, even dozens of them. The performance of the system depends on the model you will use, the FPS and resolution of the incoming data, and the GPU performance of the hardware you will use.

  • In Dataguess CV Studio, you mark the images you upload to the Inspector project by placing them in squares defined by the classes you created during the "labeling" phase of the project. These markings are evaluated by the artificial intelligence engine in the next "training" phase of the project and used to create the trained model.

  • Achievable performance can be up to 120 fps (i.e., 1/120 second per image), but system performance will vary depending on the following factors:

    • The speed of the line, ambient conditions, ambient lighting where you will perform quality control

    • Performance and quality of hardware such as cameras and GPUs

    • The size, resolution and dataset quality of the computer vision model you have developed (clear visuals, precise labeling, false positive removal, etc.)

  • You can receive notifications through a siren, buzzer, or monitor that you connect to the system. You can integrate these notifications into your own IT systems and send the output data wherever you want.

  • You can perform your AI model training on CV Studio, which is completely free to use, and deploy it on any Edge AI computer of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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