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About Us

As Dataguess, we develop pioneering and innovative software solutions in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. As a team that aims to provide the highest quality and most effective services to our customers and business partners by pushing the boundaries of technology, we create customizable and scalable applications that can adapt to the needs of every sector.

Our solutions serve a wide range of industries, from security and surveillance to retail and logistics, healthcare and manufacturing. Equipped with features such as high-accuracy smart object recognition, facial recognition, real-time image analysis, and motion detection, our products help businesses optimize their productivity, security, and decision-making processes.

Our team's years of experience and expertise have helped Dataguess become one of the industry's leading companies by consistently achieving new successes in the fields of deep learning and computer vision. We help businesses accelerate their digital transformation processes and contribute to their long-term success through our customer-focused approach and continuous development.

Our Mission


Our goal at Dataguess is to provide impressive and transformative solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer vision that are both technological and human-centered. Our mission is to create and disseminate innovative technological applications that shape the future and improve people's lives. In order to achieve this goal, we adhere to the following core values and principles:


Innovation and Inspiration: Creating innovative solutions that push the boundaries, inspire, and excite in order to become a sector leader and pioneer.

Customer Passion: Approaching our customers' needs and expectations with sensitivity, seeing their success as our own success, and acting accordingly.

Excellence and Reliability: Aiming for excellence at every stage, gaining the loyalty of our customers with reliable and high-quality products and services, and continuously providing positive experiences.

Impact Creation and Awareness: Leading the way in the widespread and effective application of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies by organizing training and awareness activities that have a societal impact.

Sustainable Future: Helping future generations build a livable world by ensuring economic, social, and environmental sustainability through technological solutions.

Business Ethics and Social Sensitivity: Adhering to ethical ideals in all of our actions and acting responsibly and sensitively toward society and the environment.


Our mission at Dataguess is to make a global impact in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision by delivering responsive and effective technology solutions that add genuine value to people and societies. With this mission, we will continue to change people's lives and enlighten their future with every step we take.

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Our Vision


Our vision at Dataguess is to lead and innovate in the artificial intelligence and computer vision domains while offering robust, approachable, and user-friendly solutions to all people, organizations, and communities. Through the provision of goods and services that constantly develop, learn, and adapt to make AI accessible to everyone, we hope to improve people's quality of life, boost corporate productivity, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.

By giving priority to education and awareness-raising initiatives, we also hope to help society better comprehend and employ AI and computer vision technology. In this approach, we hope to lead the way in the creation of AI applications that benefit people and companies alike, are widely applicable, and can be accessed by everybody.

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