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Dataguess Observer

The most reliable and accurate method for determining the number of people in a given area is to use computer vision technology. Computer vision technology counts people by analyzing camera images or video recordings. In this way, businesses can better manage peak customer hours, product inventories, and labor requirements.


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What Can You Do with Dataguess Observer?

We create Artificial Intelligence solutions that can predict accurately by utilizing Artificial Intelligence technologies that are specifically designed for business cases.

Counting People with Computer Vision

With Dataguess Observer, businesses can monitor customer numbers, avoid long queues and serve customers faster. In addition, businesses can increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to foresee the rush hours of stores or venues in advance.


In addition to all these, people detection and counting technology increases the profitability of businesses by helping them operate more efficiently. By monitoring customer numbers, this technology helps businesses better manage their labor and inventory requirements.

Computer vision, Yapay zeka ile kişi sayma görseli

Crowd and Density Mapping

Dataguess Observer is a tool that utilizes computer vision algorithms to help businesses better understand the behavior of their customers. This product tracks the movement of people in a given area using camera images or sensor networks and generates density maps.


Businesses are able to study and comprehend the behavior of their clients with the use of these density maps. The locations where customers spend the most time, the things that they are most interested in, and the times of day when they are the busiest can all be viewed by businesses.


Because of this, organizations are able to make strategic decisions that will improve the experiences of their customers. For example, density maps help businesses determine their workforce requirements. By increasing the number of staff working during peak hours, businesses have the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, the use of density maps helps businesses manage their product assets. Businesses get a better understanding of which products are in high demand and which are in low stock. In this context, companies can better meet the requirements of their customers and, at the same time, increase their profits.

Computer vision, Yapay zeka ile Yoğunluk haritası çıkarma görseli

Vandalism Monitoring

The detection of vandalism enables the identification and prevention of actions that could be considered vandalism in a particular location. Image processing, object detection, and motion detection are the methods that are utilized in order to accomplish this goal.


For instance, Dataguess Observer is able to identify movement within a specific region and using algorithms that are powered by artificial intelligence to decide whether or not the movement is suspicious or potentially hazardous. These algorithms analyze movements that are not typical in order to assess whether or not they constitute an actual threat. As a consequence of this, the business is able to intervene sooner in the security processes, thereby lowering the possibility of injury or loss of property.

Computer Vision, Yapay zeka ile Vandalizm tespiti görseli

Face Blurring for Personal Privacy and Data Protection

Personal privacy is more crucial than ever today, and many people wish to avoid having their faces recognized, especially in public settings. With its face blurring feature, Dataguess Observer provides an effective way to protect personal privacy.


By fading people's faces with the use of computer vision technology, face blurring ensures that facial recognition algorithms are unable to identify individuals. Through the utilization of the face blurring feature, surveillance technologies, such as security cameras installed in public areas, are able to protect individuals' right to personal privacy.

Computer vision, Yapay zeka ile kişilerin yüzünü bulanıklaştırma görseli
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