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Stop Looking for Where Products and Equipment Are Located

Dataguess Tracer

You will be able to track your products and equipment in real time with the help of markers that you can attach to your products, product carts, or equipment. This will allow you to avoid time-consuming searches to determine which product is located where.


CV Studio makes it simple to train, deploy, and use artificial intelligence. Take use of the benefits provided by Dataguess Tracer.

95% Accurate Prediction with Deep Learning

We create Artificial Intelligence solutions that can predict accurately by utilizing Artificial Intelligence technologies that are specifically designed for business cases.

Marker Tracking

Dataguess Tracer includes pre-trained artificial intelligence algorithms for marker reading and tracking. To use AI for marker tracking, you must first capture photos with a camera. You may find markers even in tough conditions by processing camera photos using Dataguess Tracer. This procedure employs frame-finding algorithms, which are used to locate frames in a camera image.


You can easily track these markers by placing them on the product trolley, forklift, or objects you want to track.

Computer Vision ile fabrikada yapay zekayla marker etiket takibi görseli
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