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Counting and classifying are among the functions of computer vision technologies. With its counting and classification functions, Dataguess Counter can make complex decisions accurately, quickly, and consistently.

Dataguess Counter can detect an object or part and determine whether it is in the proper position. You can then classify and count the products on the production line as you see fit.

You can easily identify hundreds of parts and hardware, easily update changed ones, or add new ones.

Dataguess Counter

You may miss it,

But the Counter won't.

What Can You Do with Dataguess Counter?

We develop Artificial Intelligence solutions that can predict, accurate by using Artificial Intelligence technologies specially designed for cases.

Product Recognition and Classification

In the manufacturing industry, product classification using computer vision algorithms is critical. Manual product classification can be time-consuming and imprecise, especially in big production operations with hundreds or even thousands of goods. As a result of utilizing computer vision algorithms, product classification can be accomplished automatically and accurately.


These techniques analyse the images of products passing through the production line and classify them according to certain categories, especially using artificial neural network, deep learning, image processing and object recognition algorithms. 


Product classification with computer vision techniques both accelerates the production process and reduces labour costs. In addition, it prevents financial losses that may arise as a result of incorrect classification and contributes to making the production process more efficient.

Computer Vision ile Ürün Tanıma ve Sınıflandırma görseli

Object - Product Counting

Product counting using Computer Vision technologies is the most common artificial intelligence solution. When many products are manufactured at the same time in production lines, manual product counting can be very laborious and inaccurate. Using Dataguess Counter, you can perform product counting quickly, autonomously and accurately.


Dataguess Counter analyzes images of products passing through manufacturing lines and accurately determines the number of products, especially using deep learning, image processing, object recognition, and feature extraction algorithms. Computer vision techniques are frequently used in food manufacturing lines during the packaging and wrapping of products.

Computer Vision ile Üretimde Ürün Sayma görseli
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