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What is Computer Vision?

Updated: Jan 26

A camera used for Computer Vision purposes
A camera used for Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a general term used for the ability of computers and artificial intelligence to see what humans see. But what exactly do we mean by that?

In simple terms, computer vision is the ability of machines to detect objects, humans, movements, or any visual detail in images and videos. This field not only aims to mimic human vision capabilities but also to take them even further.

When we open our eyes, our brain processes the light passing through the lens of our eyes and reaching our retina. Throughout this process, our brain transforms light into images and helps us understand what is happening in these images. Computer vision aims to accomplish this very task, but for computers, of course!

The applications of computer vision are wide-ranging. It is present in many different sectors, from the automotive industry to security systems, from agriculture to entertainment. For instance, autonomous vehicles can perceive roads and surroundings safely thanks to computer vision.

Computer vision involves many complex mathematical and physical concepts, such as image processing, pattern recognition, geometric modeling, and learning algorithms. This technology is advancing rapidly, with algorithms and techniques evolving every day to understand an image and extract information from it.

Therefore, computer vision carries the task of enabling machines to observe and understand the world. As a rapidly evolving field in the world of technology, it's certain that computer vision will find broader impact and application areas in the coming years. Teaching computers to see may be a complex and challenging task, but the opportunities and potential this technology offers definitely make overcoming these challenges worthwhile.

In this era of rapid advances in computer vision, it's truly exciting to imagine what might be possible in the future. Let's continue to closely follow these advancements for better and smarter machines!


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