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You are challenged by doing two of blow tasks optionally

  1. E-commerce Store with Advanced Filtering: Build an e-commerce store using React and Redux. Implement advanced filtering options such as multiple criteria, price ranges, sorting, and dynamic updates of product listings. Ensure smooth user experience and efficient data handling.

  2. Real-time Collaborative Task Manager: Create a collaborative task management app using React, Redux, and WebSockets. Users should be able to create tasks, assign them to others, set due dates, and see real-time updates when tasks are added, completed, or modified by team members.

  3. Interactive Data Dashboard with Redux-Saga: Develop an interactive data dashboard using React, Redux, and Redux-Saga. Fetch data from an API, handle asynchronous actions with Redux-Saga, and visualize the data using charts and graphs. Include features like data polling and error handling.

  4. Complex Form Handling and Validation: Design a complex multi-step form with advanced validation using React and Redux-Form. The form should have conditional fields, cross-field validation, and async validation. Provide a smooth and informative user experience for form submission.

  5. Progressive Web App (PWA) with Offline Support: Build a PWA using React and Redux that offers offline support. Users should be able to use the app even when they're not connected to the internet. Implement caching strategies for essential assets and data to ensure a seamless offline experience.

  6. Drag-and-Drop Kanban Board: Create a Kanban board application using React, Redux, and the React Beautiful Dnd library. Users should be able to create boards, add tasks, and drag tasks between columns. Persist the board's state using Redux and a backend API.

  7. Authentication and Role-based Permissions: Develop a user authentication system with role-based permissions using React, Redux, and a backend API. Users should have different roles (admin, user) with varying levels of access. Implement protected routes and ensure the appropriate UI is shown based on user roles.

  8. Dynamic Form Builder: Build a dynamic form builder application using React, Redux, and a JSON-based configuration. Users should be able to create custom forms by dragging and dropping fields from a palette. The generated forms should be functional and easily customizable.

  9. Multi-language Support with Redux Intl: Create a multi-language web app using React, Redux, and the redux-intl library for internationalization. Provide language switching, dynamic content translation, and locale-specific formatting.

  10. Animated Page Transitions with Redux Thunk: Construct a single-page app with animated transitions between different sections using React, Redux, and Redux Thunk. Utilize CSS animations or transitions and control the transitions' timing and effects via Redux actions.

Additional notes

  • select two case by your choice and do it

  • Provide clear documentation on how to run the app, fetch data, and navigate through the different pages Bonus (Optional)

  • Use Typescript where possible

  • You're allowed to use open-source packages as you see fit.

  • After publish assignments in to your public version control share it link via mail to us

  • Anything not in the description is up to you.

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